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why don't you post photos with your girlfriend? asked by Anonymous

because she hates me and doesn’t take any with me

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Can you help me? Over the summer I've become really close to this guy. We've seen each other a few times, and I think that things have the possibility of getting serious. The only thing is, I'm a senior in high school and he's leaving for college in less than a month. His school is 6 hours away, and neither of us want a long distance relationship at this moment in time. How do I deal with all of this? What do I do? I really like him... asked by Anonymous

If neither of you think you could live with a long distance relationship, then don’t even try to put yourself through it. Enjoy the time you have left with him, and when it ends, it ends. Let him go when he leaves, no one is worth heartache and I’m positive you can move on in time. Everything has it’s time, you’ll be okay.

Hi Nicole, I'm in need of some "relationship" advice right now. This friend of mine (well a little more than a friend) asked to be friends with benefits a few days ago and I agreed but the next day I slept over her house and she never kissed me, we just cuddled and I really just wanna text her and be like "hey so if you don't kiss me soon I'm gonna lose it" but I'm afraid she won't care or leave me on seen idk?? 😓😥 asked by Anonymous

Well I mean there’s only one way to find out, right? She clearly attracted to you if she asked you that, maybe she just didn’t want that in that moment. I think you should call her and talk about it personally, sometimes things can be taken the wrong way over text. Hope that helped even in the slightest 😙

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because of you real by years and years is by far my favorite song asked by frigityfrack

fuck yea i did a good thing!!!!!

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